The Food Hub of ICSULisboa brings together several researchers from ICS research groups (eg Life, ETS, Identities... Empires...), and was born to consolidate a multidisciplinary movement around social studies on food and agriculture within ICS. Thus, this hub aims to be a focal point for research interests and practices that cross the various research groups around food.

As a result of the research interests of several ICSULisboa researchers, the 'Food Hub' brings together various disciplines and themes that encompass the social and cultural studies of agriculture and food. This hub is intended to be open, interdisciplinary and eclectic in terms of theoretical and methodological approaches. A common trait that characterizes it is a focus both on the pressing issues of food production and consumption in contemporary societies and their historical past, and on the processes of intermediation between production and consumption (eg ideological, symbolic-religious, social, cultural and material).